Exercise and mental stimulation are at the core of a dog’s happiness. Most behavioural and training issues, including chewing, digging and hyperactivity will be eliminated or greatly reduced by a daily walking and activity routine. Amy is experienced in gifting you with a happy and relaxed dog at the end of each session – and helping you keep the trend at home!


Dog Walking

If you are situated around the South Lake/Bibra Lake/Cockburn area, Amy will take your precious pup on stimulating adventures, bringing them home tuckered out and relaxed.

This service is fully flexible to your needs – with varied locations and both on/off lead walking options depending on your pup’s training level (off lead walks only with owner’s permission and Amy’s assessment). For dogs with poor recall and high exercise needs, Amy is also proficient with the long lead!

For regular customers, loyalty discounts apply and a wide variety of walking locations are guaranteed.

Anti-social Dog Services

Please note that Amy will not walk dogs with a history of aggressing, unless with a muzzle and determined suitable after assessment. Amy will not risk other dogs being harmed or frightened!

However, Amy WILL come to your house armed with an arsenal of toys and games, to keep your dog exercised and stimulated within the safety of its home! This is a great alternative for many dog owners.