Private Puppy School

Group Puppy Classes can be great… But many owners simply do not find them comprehensive enough, or suitable for their shy, overly energetic, seemingly stubborn or otherwise troublesome puppy!

By booking multiple private sessions with Amy, you can have the very best level of training, education and troubleshooting tailored specifically to you, your puppy and your lifestyle. As well as covering the basics on dog training and canine communication, we will cover exactly the points that YOU want to work on – and in the number and length of sessions that YOU want.

Package Options are available, but you don’t need to commit until the end of your first session; Amy wants you to be 100% confident in her service first!

Socialisation is a critical component of any puppy’s growth. While before vaccinations we will establish a socialisation plan – including how to start exposure to new sights, sounds and environments (a major component of socialisation!); plus covering heaps of basic communication and training do’s and don’ts, obedience and troubleshooting in the comfort and safety of your own home; once fully vaccinated Amy can also provide at least two of her own beautifully trained dogs, with very different temperaments; offering your new pup the perfect controlled environment and guidance to set them off on the right paw – both in how to ignore other dogs, and how to interact with them when appropriate!

Furthermore, if you live in the Bibra Lake/Cockburn/South Lake area, Amy can offer your puppy regular walks with a range of dogs – always selected to suit each other – to further build his or her confidence under the guidance of Amy herself, in a wide range of positive and stimulating experiences!