Amy takes the ‘balanced’ training approach – predominantly positive training with lots of fun and rewards, but also with some correction when judged appropriate.


Your dog’s particular breed, personality, history and genetics will always be taken into consideration before assuming any training techniques; and Amy has a big toolkit of various methods to suit your dog!

In terms of Amy’s approach to ‘curing’ a dog of certain behaviours, she takes a very holistic approach – that is, she focuses on the cause (often lack of exercise, discipline and/or impulse control) more than the symptoms. For this reason Amy will analyse the dog’s all round lifestyle and day to day activities and often work on a range of things to help create a dog not only with fewer behavioural issues, but a happier, overall more well balanced life. Note this is not to say she won’t address training issues directly – this is certainly also covered when needed.


Your dogs’ welfare and long term happiness always comes first! 


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