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Happy Dogs Walks and Training is a small business run by dog trainer Amy R Griffiths.

Amy is a Balanced Dog Trainer who specialises in private, one on one training sessions for behavioural rehabilitation and leveling up in all aspects of training. Amy is dedicated to the happiness of your dog as an individual. Your particular dog’s personality, past experiences, genetics – and your personal goals will always determine the treatment and training methods used with your dog.

In training and rehabilitation, Amy’s ultimate goal is to develop your relationship with your dog into one of trust, understanding and leadership through easy, clear communication; thus leading to a happy, harmonious household – and of course, a joyful dog who is a trusted member of your family! For more on Amy’s training methods click here.

Exercise and mental stimulation is the core of any dog’s happiness; which is why in addition to training, Amy offers thorough, stimulating dog walking around the South Lake/Bibra Lake/Cockburn area of WA.

Guaranteed five star service (for you and your dog) and great prices.

Whether circumstances have changed and you’re just too darn busy to walk or train; or you’re not sure how to go about your dogs’ behaviour – Happy Dogs Walks and Training is for you!

Your friend when time isn’t!

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Dog Training

“Highly recommend! Great tips and training techniques for our separation anxiety, very destructive fur child! Reggie now loves his designated digging area and his own dog toy clothes line!
Thanks heaps Amy!! ” – Emily

Anxiety Cured!

Dog Training

“We had a one on one session with Amy today to work on Baileys recall. Even after one session he’s so much better! Amy’s really helped us work together more efficiently and it doesn’t seem so daunting to let him off lead 🙂
Thanks again!” -Emalee

Built confidence