Training Methods

Amy is a Balanced Trainer – predominantly using positive methods with lots of fun and rewards, but also communicating which behaviours are not desirable through correction when appropriate. Amy’s ultimate goal is always to build complete trust and constant, clear communication between owner and dog.


Your dog’s particular breed, personality, history and genetics will always be taken into consideration before assuming any training techniques; and Amy has a big toolkit of  methods to suit your specific dog, goals and lifestyle.

In Amy’s approach to rehabilitating a dog with behavioural issues, she takes a very holistic approach – that is, she focuses on the root cause (often – though of course not always – lack of exercise, boundaries and/or impulse control) as well as the symptoms themselves. Amy will analyse the dog’s all round lifestyle and day to day activities and often work on a range of things to help create a dog not only with resolved behavioural issues, but a happier, more well balanced – and owner bonded – life.

If you feel concern about use of corrections – note Amy does not use intimidation, pain or discomfort. Once established, a correction should simply be a communication to your pet – “This is not what I’d like. Here, I’d like you to do this instead (to get what you want/so that you won’t feel troubled in this situation anymore);” just as if you were teaching a trusted person or coaching them through a novel experience. Reaching this level of communication with your dog may take some work, but it is 100% worth it!


Your dogs’ welfare and long term happiness always comes first!