In my 30 years, I have always lived with dogs. As a very small child of maybe six, I made a game of rehabilitating our rescue dog – who would growl and sometimes bite if feet or sticks went near him – or if you went anywhere near his neck. Within a few months tiny Amy had taught her new dog to be totally relaxed in all these situations… And to run through tunnels, walk across beams, and ‘bounce’ on a trampoline!

My later years found friends and sometimes even strangers watching me with my Border Collies or other dogs (sometimes which I’d just met), and asking me to care for or help their own dog with certain behaviours. Even dogs only being ‘dog sat’ always seemed to finish their stay with me suddenly able to walk at heel without a lead, or no longer barking for attention.

As my interest developed I found myself researching in depth many various dog training styles, recognising things I liked here, and things I would rather avoid doing there.

Having grown up, trained, researched and practiced as a Biologist (and wild animal lover), all of my methods are backed with sound science, experience AND a genuine love and empathy for dogs.

I hope to hear from you soon!

– Amy


P.S. Since this is the ‘about’ section, I am also very much about reptiles. I do mobile reptile displays and kids parties, with a wonderful range of reptiles; as well as snake relocation and wildlife education on YouTube. To find out more visit Amy Wild Adventures at reptileeducator.com