Intensive Training Stays


For dogs that are suited, this is the fastest, most effective method of rehabilitating your dog – and is a great vacation (for them and perhaps you) too!

This service is one dog at a time only – so your dog will have Amy’s full attention!


What will you and your dog get?

Dogs learn best with numerous short training sessions, and thorough exercise, fun and stimulation – all of which your dog will receive, every day! Consistency and a good example also help unspeakably; we provide the consistency, and our dogs lead the way in training; speeding learning processes immeasurably.

This service also carries the personal touch – with daily photos of your dog having the time of his/her life, and the knowledge that your canine companion won’t be treated like “another animal” but truly as part of our family, constantly immersed in a fun and comfortable environment.

You will find your best friend coming home often like a different animal – relaxed, happy and well mannered.

Plus an added bonus: Unbeatable prices!!



Which dogs are suitable?

Dogs with any aggression issues unfortunately are not suitable, as our own dogs’ safety must come first. Dogs with barking issues, due to our neighbours, may only stay if fitted with a barking collar (of the best and most humane quality, provided by Amy) – for the short periods in which the dogs are left alone.

Dogs that dig are fine, however canine clients with serious destruction issues or houdini habits must be discouraged – simply because this is our home, and we don’t want to have to send you a big unexpected bill for repairs – or call you about an escaped canine! The backyard of course is fully fenced, but we don’t want to take any risks.

Male dogs must be desexed please!